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Whether it’s cultivation, manufacturing, retail, or any combination thereof, we have the tools and experience to get your facility built and optimized for successful operations.

Facilities Design

  • Site planning

  • Building suitability

  • Retail operations

  • Cultivation & manufacturing design

  • Lighting

  • Irrigation/fertigation design and implementation

  • HVAC and environmental control


Management Services

  • ​​Inspection and compliance plans for OSHA, state departments of revenue (including METRC/inventory control) agriculture, public health and environment, as well as local building and MEP, police and fire.

  • Sampling and full-panel testing and reporting – flower and concentrates

  • Cultivation ops, including equipment, mechanical design, maintenance schedules, SOPs and training, Integrated Pest Management, harvest, dry/cure, trimming and post-processing, and process validation.

  • Manufacturing ops, including equipment, primary and ancillary extraction, closed-loop hydrocarbon, solventless, short-path and wiped-film distillation, fresh frozen and dry cure extractions, post-process and finishing, live resin, winterization, decarboxylation, shatter/wax, remediation (pesticides, microbial, metals), equipment maintenance, fire suppression, and SOPs and training.

  • Security and safety planning, including secured entry, alarms and monitoring, cameras and CCTV systems.

  • Order fulfillment, cleaning and maintenance, staffing and training, record-keeping and accounting.

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